Excursions and Transfers in Hungary

Excursions are from Budapest (private car or minivan with driver)

Budapest… a nice walk with the guide

Price: 1 person: Euro 70,00 – 2 persons: Euro 50,00 – 3 persons: Euro 35,00 – 4 persons: Euro 25,00 – 5 persons: Euro 20,00 – 6 persons: Euro 18,00 Duration: 6 hours Way of transport: on foot or by public transport (included)

The route through Budapest includes visits to the most interesting and famous sights of the capital. The itinerary begins with the Castle district and then Matthias Church, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Royal Palace, and you have a stunning overview of the city from above. Crossing the Danube will reach Pest to visit Parliament, Stephen’s  Basilica (inside), the Covered Market and the Synagogue.


Wine tasting in Eger

Price: 1 person: Euro 180,00 – 2 people: Euro 95,00 – 3 people: Euro 65,00 – 4 people: Euro 50,00 – 5 people: Euro 45,00 – 6 people: Euro 40,00 Duration: 8 hours Way of transport: Minivan or car Your language speaking guide for the whole day: 120 € Lunch in typical restaurant: 3 courses without drinks Euro 18,00 per person

Eger is a city located in northern Hungary. It is the county seat of Heves. Eger is best known for its castle, memory of the struggle against the Turks, thermal baths, and the many historic buildings including the turkish minaret. Eger is an important agricultural market with the tobacco industry and winemaking. It is famous for the production of red wines: Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood). Visit the town and at the end wine tasting in a famous winery in the area. Return to Budapest in the evening.


Sightseeing in Pécs

Price: 160 € (1 person), 80 € (2 persons), 60 € (3 persons), 45 € (4 persons), 40 € (5 persons), 30 € (6 persons), 25 € (7 persons), prices per person Duration: 7 hours (incl. car, sightseeing in Pécs) Lunch in a typical restaurant: 15 € (3 courses, excl. beverages) Your language speaking guide for the whole day: 120 € Pécs is the fifth largest city of Hungary, located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the south-west of the country, close to its border with Croatia. It is the administrative and economical centre of Baranya county. Pécs is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pécs. A good example of the city’s history and interesting past can be seen in the main square, where the Gazi Kasim Mosque still stands, and, although consecrated as a church following the retreat of the Ottoman Turks centuries ago, the crescent moon and cross of Islam are still visible on the cupola. Indeed, Pécs is the richest town in Hungary in terms of Turkish architecture, with the ruins of Memi Pasa’s Baths and the mausoleum of miracle worker Idris Baba, just two other notable remains.

Horse show in the puszta and sightseeing in Kecskemét

Price: 190 € (1 person), 95 € (2 persons), 70 € (3 persons), 65 € (4 persons), 60 € (5 persons), 55 € (6 persons), 50 € (7 persons), prices per person Duration: 8 hours (incl. car, horse show, rich lunch with beverages, sightseeing in Kecskemét) Your language speaking guide for the whole day: 120 € Puszta is a grassland biome on the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld) around the River Tisza in the eastern part of Hungary as well as on the western part of Hungary and in the Austrian Burgenland. The Hungarian puszta is an exclave of the Eurasian Steppe. Kecskemét is a city in the central part of Hungary. It is the 8th largest city in the country, and the county seat of Bács-Kiskun. Main sights are the City Hall, “Cifra Palota”, Old Church, Synagogue, József Katona Theater, Hungarian Museum of Photography and the Museum of Hungarian Naive Artists. Kecskemét is in the center of Kiskunság, one of Hungary’s famous regions. The Kiskunság National Park was established in 1975 to preserve the many different regional species of plants and animals.

Danube Tour: Visegrád, Szentendre, Esztergom

Price: 140 € (1 person), 60 € (2 persons), 50 € (3 persons), 35 € (4 persons), 30 € (5 persons), 25 € (6 persons), 25 € (7 persons), prices per person
Duration: 7 hours (incl. car, Esztergom dome entrance fee)
Your language speaking guide for the whole day: 120 €

Visegrád is a small castle town in Pest County, Hungary. It is situated north of Budapest on the right bank of the Danube in the Danube Bend. Visegrád is famous for the remains of the Early Renaissance summer palace of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and the medieval citadel.

Szentendre is a riverside town in Pest county, Hungary, near the capital city Budapest. It is known for its museums (most notably the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum), galleries and artists. Due to its historic architecture and easy rail and river access, it has become a popular destination for tourists staying in Budapest. There are many facilities, including souvenir shops and restaurants.

Esztergom is a city in northern Hungary 46 kilometres northwest of the capital Budapest on the right bank of the river Danube, which forms the border with Slovakia there. Esztergom was the capital of Hungary from the 10th till the mid-13th century when King Béla IV of Hungary moved the royal seat to Buda. Esztergom is the seat of the prímás of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary, and the former seat of the Constitutional Court of Hungary. The city has the Keresztény Múzeum, the largest ecclesiastical collection in Hungary. Its cathedral, Esztergom Basilica is the largest church in Hungary.

Herend and Balaton lake

Price: 1 person: Euro 210,00 – 2 people: € 110,00 – 3 people: Euro 80,00 – 4 people: Euro 70,00 – 5 people: Euro 60,00 – 6 people: Euro 50,00 Duration: 10 hours – LUNCH INCLUDED Way of transport: minivan or car Your language speaking guide: Euro 150,00 (total)

Excursion to Herend, famous throughout the world for its porcelain. After a guided tour of the most famous porcelain factory in the world (founded in 1826), the tour includes a stop at the cafe “Porcelanium.” After that we will go to Tihany Peninsula, Lake Balaton, the famous nature reserve (visit to the Abbey, founded in 1501), and then lunch in a traditional Csárda (three-course menu with wine included). At this point there will be a nice walk in Balatonfured one of the most fascinating place in Balaton lake area among the green hills and the waters of the lake. Return to Budapest in the evening.


Gödöllõ: The Grassalkovich castle

Price: 60 € (1 person), 45 € (2 persons), 30 € (3 persons), 25 € (4 persons), 20 € (5 persons), 15 € (6 persons), 10 € (7 persons), prices per person Duration: 4 hours (incl. car, castle entrance fee), 6 hours with lunch (supplement Euro 15,00) Your language speaking guide for the whole day: 80 €

Gödöllo is a town near Budapest. It is the home to the Szent István University, the main education institute of agriculture in Hungary. The palace at Gödöllo was originally built for the aristocratic Grassalkovich family, later Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary and his wife Elisabeth (“Sissi”) had their summer residence here.


Price: 200 € (1 person), 110 € (2 persons), 80 € (3 persons), 70 € (4 persons), 60 € (5 persons), 50 € (6 persons), 45 € (7 persons), prices per person
Duration: 10 hours (incl. car, sightseeing in Vienna)
Lunch in a typical restaurant: Wiener Schnitzel menu – 25 € (excl. beverages)
Your language speaking guide for the whole day: 190 €

Apart from being regarded as the City of Music because of its musical legacy, Vienna is also said to be “The City of Dreams” because it was home to the world’s first psychoanalyst – Sigmund Freud. The city’s roots lie in early Celtic and Roman settlements that transformed into a Medieval and Baroque city, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is well known for having played an essential role as a leading European music centre, from the great age of Viennese Classicism through the early part of the 20th century. The historic centre of Vienna is rich in architectural ensembles, including Baroque castles and gardens, and the late-19th-century Ringstrasse lined with grand buildings, monuments and parks.

On request we can book tickets for Schonbrunn Palace or Belvedere Palace. They both attract millions of people from all over the world every year

We can also organize excursions to many other places in Hungary: Herend, Veszprém, Szeged, Pannonhalma, Sopron, Hévíz, Debrecen, Tata, Gyor, etc.

Transfers Budapest Airport – City Centre

1–4 persons: 27 €
5–6 persons: 35 €
7–8 persons: 45 €

Prices are per vehicle.